The senior living industry entered the digital age in a major way in 2020. In the early months of the pandemic, providers were faced with the choice of adapting or risk falling behind. Tech spending skyrocketed and many facilities turned to digital marketing agencies for help. While many of the shifts that took place last year happened out of necessity, 2021 has already made it clear tech is here to stay. For assisted living and other senior housing providers, this means getting on board with the digital marketing revolution.

How Senior Living is Adapting to the Digital Age 

Over the course of the last year, senior living providers and facilities have certainly gotten their share of media coverage relating to the pandemic. Often, stories focus on how COVID-19 has affected these communities, long-term implications of the virus, and how quality of care has suffered within senior housing facilities. However, data from several recent reports indicate senior living communities are thought to have done a great job protecting residents and adopting new technologies that support the health and well-being of residents and staff alike. As more and more facilities embrace digitization and offer telehealth solutions, they are better equipped to care for residents in a way that feels both safe and comfortable.

Marketing in the New Normal 

In case it wasn’t clear, things aren’t going back to the way they used to be. Call it what you will, but the ‘new normal’ is here to stay and it’s imperative all industries - including senior housing - remain agile and adaptable. Assisted living facilities serve some of the most vulnerable populations, yet another reason why it’s critical providers leverage digital marketing to address their needs. Some of the ways assisted living facilities are using digital marketing right now include:

  • Virtual tours of facilities offered through updated websites

  • Increased SEO to drive traffic and market to prospective leads

  • As an informative communication tool to support both residents and those inquiring about a facility’s operations

  • Sharing content via social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram

  • Boosting and sponsoring ads

  • Tweaking messaging to connect with prospects in a transparent, honest, and straightforward way

Marketing as a whole underwent a seismic transition in 2020, bringing digital to the forefront. Whether investing in senior housing, selling a property, or marketing to residents, facilities must harness the power digital advertising carries.

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