S & R


Building Client Value Through Industry Expertise, Creativity, and Integrity.

Sherman & Roylance’s continued success results from our agents and their passion for the Senior Housing Industry. We build value for our clients and their communities through industry expertise, creativity, and integrity.

Sherman & Roylance is uniquely qualified to help owner-operators, regional, and national health care providers formulate a sound acquisition strategy by evaluating various facilities based on client-defined acquisition criteria and preferences, including facility type, target area, sales price, size, market, company values, and reputation.

Sherman & Roylance will provide you access to the largest pool of experientially and financially qualified investors and exchange buyers in the nation. Our confidential marketing system creates the broadest possible exposure for every health care facility type. Sherman & Roylance is committed to bringing you the highest possible price for your facility with a smooth, well-managed closing process.