Senior housing has faced numerous challenges over the last year and taught us the importance of being adaptable and prepared for the unexpected. While the pandemic was eye-opening for senior living providers, forcing them to think outside the box and reimagine various daily operations. The industry rode wave after wave of infections but slowly implemented more cohesive plans for vaccinating residents and keeping staff safe.

Now, two months into 2021, senior living providers are hopeful and once again bracing for change - the right kind. One of the top trends impacting assisted living communities, senior living operators, and potential investors is the active adult. Demand is once again there for senior housing, but it’s changed. Active adults are motivating progressive developers, creating exciting new investment opportunities as communities adapt to meet potential residents’ changing demands.

How Fear of Isolation is Changing Senior Living 

Now is an excellent time to reflect on how COVID has impacted assisted living as we approach the pandemic’s one-year mark. One of the biggest takeaways is that older adults are now looking for senior living facilities that foster connection and community. Thanks to visitation restrictions, isolation and fear of being alone changed the mental well-being of residents. Not only did this bring awareness to limitations with the current system, but it also gave developers something to think about. Now, we see a trend of active adults looking for communities that make socialization and companionship a priority.

What does this mean for the future of senior housing, investors, and those interested in selling a property? There is now more value in communities that cater to these changing desires and lifestyles. This is good news for everyone - investors, operators, developers, and residents - and 2021 is poised to be a year of opportunity.

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