Shaylee Green Recognized as a Top Performing Broker in Crexi’s Annual Platinum Broker Awards

Sherman & Roylance is proud to announce that Shaylee Green, one of our most dedicated and hard-working commercial real estate brokers representing the Montana/PNW region, has been named a winner of the annual Platinum Broker Awards by Crexi. This prestigious award program recognizes the highest-performing brokers on the Crexi platform, and we couldn't be more thrilled that Shaylee has received this well-deserved honor.
Shaylee had this to say about the distinction: “It’s an honor to be recognized the second year in a row for doing well at managing my marketing - a lot of brokers do not juggle staying in contact with sellers, maintaining leads, and keeping listings clean and fresh. We do this as a team and this is my favorite marketing tool because I love providing national service to sellers!!”
There are several determining factors that Crexi uses to determine the highest-ranking brokers, namely that users must rank in the top percentage of brokers using the platform, which Shaylee has demonstrated. 
Furthermore, the Platinum Broker Awards program goes beyond property volume and total value sold, also recognizing the importance of account platform activity, search scores, leads, and more. This approach aims to level the playing field and balance out opportunities, allowing all brokers, regardless of business size, to be recognized as a top performer. With more than 1,000 Platinum Brokers making this year’s list, we are incredibly proud that Shaylee Green is among the distinguished winners who have received a classical award and an exclusive badge on their Crexi profile. recognizing them as a Platinum Broker and identifying them as a Crexi expert to clients and colleagues.

Recognition Highlights S&R Broker 

At Sherman & Roylance, we are committed to providing our brokers with the tools and resources they need to excel in the senior living real estate industry, and we are delighted that Shaylee has been recognized for her exceptional work on the Crexi platform. Her commitment to leveraging technology and data to drive her success during the sale or acquisition of a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is a testament to her dedication and hard work.
We are incredibly proud of Shaylee and all that she has accomplished, and we look forward to seeing her continue to excel in the senior housing real estate industry. Congratulations, Shaylee, on this well-deserved recognition!