Senior Living Insights: Preparing for the NIC Fall Conference

As the senior living industry evolves, it’s important senior care strategies are designed to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities. The upcoming 2023 NIC Fall Conference takes place October 23- 25 in Chicago and is an excellent chance to explore market trends and insights. Shep Roylance, Jeff Hauser, George Bingham, and Jack Osteen will be representing Sherman & Roylance and are looking forward to one of our favorite events of the year. In this blog, we'll delve into some trends and critical discussions in senior living, which we expect will be hot topics at the NIC Fall Conference.
Regaining Occupancy and Restoring Margins: A Top Priority
In the post-pandemic landscape, senior living has been working diligently to regain occupancy and restore margins. The conference promises strategies and best practices to sustain the upward trend in occupancy gains over the last eight quarters. Furthermore, it's a chance to hear from industry leaders on how they are tackling these challenges head-on.
Linking Healthcare and Housing: A Winning Formula
One striking trend in senior living is the synergistic relationship between healthcare and housing. Integrating healthcare services into senior housing not only boosts move-ins but also enhances margins. At the NIC Conference, we will explore innovative models that successfully bridge these two critical components of senior living.
Meeting the Needs of Middle-Market Seniors
Middle-market seniors, often facing health and mobility challenges, require affordable settings that cater to their unique needs. This demographic represents a significant opportunity for senior living professionals. Moreover, we anticipate discussions at the conference will revolve around solutions that can make a positive impact on this underserved market.
Leveraging Technology for Resident and Staff Benefits
Senior living owners and operators must make informed technology choices that benefit both residents and staff. This includes addressing questions about technology usability and adoption. At the NIC Conference, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions that shed light on how technology can enhance the senior living experience.
AI: Revolutionizing Senior Living
One of the hottest topics in senior living today is the transformative potential of AI. From improving resident experiences to addressing workforce challenges and enhancing sales and marketing efforts, AI-powered systems are reshaping the industry. At the conference, we'll delve into how AI merges technology with a human touch to provide personalized experiences for seniors.

Connect with SR Living at NIC Fall Conference 2023

We’re looking forward to the NIC Fall Conference and eager to connect with fellow professionals in the senior housing industry. The conference provides an excellent platform for brokers, operators, and investors to network and exchange insights. We believe in the power of collaboration, and this conference offers a unique opportunity for us to share insights, explore potential partnerships, and collectively shape the future of senior living. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and schedule a meeting during the event. See you there!