The COVID-19 vaccine rollout hasn’t exactly been smooth, creating challenges for many, including the senior living industry. For senior living and long-term care providers, getting the vaccine into residential care communities has been chaotic, as it has been for U.S. vaccine distribution rollout as a whole. According to representatives of the Kaiser Family Foundation, an estimated 1.7 million doses have been administered to long-term care residents thus far, which is just 17% of the more than four million vaccine doses designated for long-term care facilities.

While it is certainly good news that many of our most vulnerable have received a vaccination, progress is slow and unbalanced throughout the nation. This is particularly frustrating for many senior living providers, as the industry was the hardest hit by the virus. In fact, 40% of deaths related to COVID-19 have been among residents and staff at long-term care facilities and nursing homes.

Assisted Living Residents Await Vaccination

Hiccups in the rollout of the vaccine aren’t the only problem plaguing senior living providers. Over the last several weeks, cases at assisted living communities and nursing homes have steadily climbed. Facilities that are currently dealing with an outbreak or are seeing rising cases may decline the vaccination until they can appropriately monitor any adverse reactions to the injection. Because of this, assisted living residents and staff must continue to wait to receive the vaccination. Furthermore, many facilities are reporting some level of staff hesitancy with the vaccine.

Thanks in part to misinformation at the federal level, assisted living and other long-term care residents are left confused and frustrated. For senior living providers, this is an added layer of stress to an already challenging situation.

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