National Senior Housing

Stephanie Banahan

Stephanie initiated her professional journey in the senior living sector nearly 30 years ago. She has been a practicing nurse since 1996, and her vast experience spans various corporate roles within the senior housing field. Stephanie has up-to-date and pertinent expertise in daily operations and corporate supervision of over 90 assisted living communities nationwide.

She has functioned as an operational and clinical adviser for some of the country’s most prominent assisted living ownership groups and operators, equipping her with the necessary edge for the constantly evolving senior housing sector. Stephanie has concentrated her efforts on risk management consulting, policy development advice, and providing interim operation assistance for various communities in need.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Stephanie moved to Colorado in the summer of 2020. Here, she discovered her love for real estate. Since then, she has been striving to meld this newfound passion with her ongoing dedication to senior housing.

Sherman & Roylance is honored to have Stephanie, who brings unprecedented and relevant experience, as part of our senior housing specialist team.